Managing Your Address Books

Your Address Books (Back to Top)

Address Book is where you can store contact details in personal address books. By default a Contacts and an Emailed Contacts address book are created for you, and you can create additional address books.

Only a name is required to create a contact in your address books, or you can create detailed contact cards that include full name, multiple email addresses, work, home, and other addresses, phone numbers, and notes about that contact. You can also create group contact lists.

The Emailed Contacts address book can be automatically populated when you send an email to a new address that is not in one of your other address books. You can disable this feature from your Preferences, Address Book tab. Remove the check from Enable auto adding of contacts.

To create a new address book
  1. Open the Address Book tab. The Overview pane displays a list of your address books.
  2. In the Address Book Overview pane, click edit.
  3. To create a new address book, click New Address Book.
  4. Enter the name for the new address book and select the background color.
  5. Click Create Address Book.

The new address book is listed in the Overview pane.

Adding new contacts (Back to Top)

You can add new contacts, create a group contact list, and edit your contact information.

To add a new contact

When you add a new contact, you enter the name and company information in separate fields. You can select how you want to file the contact in your list. You can enter up to three email addresses and three mailing addresses.

  1. In the Address Book toolbar, click Contact. The New Contact form opens.
  2. Enter contact information, including first and last name, email address, job title, company information, and notes.
  3. In File As, select how you want to name to display in your contact book. The default is to file the contact by last name, first name.
  4. In Address Book select which address books to save the name to.
  5. Click Save.
To create a new group contact list

The Group Contacts feature allows you to create contact lists that contains multiple mailing addresses. When you select a group contact name, everyone whose address is included in the group list is automatically added to the address field of the message.

Note: email addresses you type are not verified.

  1. In the Address Book toolbar, click Group. The New Group Contact form opens.
  1. In the Group Name field, type the name of this group list.
  2. If you want to create the group list in an address book other than Contacts, in the Address Book field select the address book.
    • You can move a contact group to another list after it is created.

  3. Type the email addresses in the Group Members list box. Enter each address on a separate line. To search for email addresses, use the Find field on the right. Enter a name and select whether to search your address book or the company global address book. Select the contacts to add to the group list.
  1. Click Save on the toolbar. The new group contact is added to your address book.

The icon shows that the contact name is a group contact.